Section Drawings of my Space in Madison Square Park (with updated statement)


I am creating a space for both children and adults to explore their imagination.  Through the use of windows looking out into Madison Square Park, separated from and the main interior, with a small window casting shadows, projections will be displayed throughout the space to provoke childlike ideas of creativity.  There will be a slightly elevated roof just above the main interior so the flickering light will be seen from outside the space. There will be two main staircases located outside on both sides. One will give access into the space through a large door contrasting with the smaller entrance into the projection room, while the other staircase will be much larger and travel up to the roof. At the top of this staircase, a pathway carved into and around the roof will begin, allowing visitors to view the park from an alternate vantage point. The location will be across from the playground to play up this idea of childhood explorations.  The small window on the side of the space will be facing the direction of 23rd street so the sun will hit it directly during the afternoon to cast a beam of light within the projection room. The larger window will be facing the playground while the other two will be overlooking the other sections of the park to allow more of an exposure to nature.


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