Updated: The StressFree Tank Top

Often times the busyness of an urban environment, especially New York City, has the ability to cause stress on its inhabitants.  The constant working, walking, climate, and overall city lifestyle is something difficult to become completely adjusted to, so for those suffering from stress end or overheating, I have the solution for you.  This tank top I have created creates a breathable, fashionable, and most importantly comfortable piece of clothing that provides a cooling strategy. Stress will undoubtedly cause an individual to become overwhelmed, and therefore they may become overheated.  This object will eliminate this aspect and hopefully help those become at ease by refreshing them and providing a new, easy method of relaxation.

To expand on my idea of the stress belt, I created the StressFree Tank Top using a blue mesh laundry bag, old white tank top, clear thread, and spray starch.  I began with sewing the blue mesh to create this volumized, gathered, airy look and then sprayed it with the starch for an extra hold.  I then cut the straps and neckline of the tank and sewed the ruffled mesh to create a one shouldered look.  Lastly, I cut out the center of the tank and inserted a smaller gathered mesh to create even more air flow through the garment.

****CLICK THIS —>  StressFree Tank Top Promo


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