Sense of Touch


Before any of our other senses develop in the womb, we are able to touch.  We are able to feel warmth and able to feel our surroundings without having the knowledge of what things look, sound, or taste like.  This concept of touch as our first sense plays a major role in our lives.  Without thinking about it, we are always touching objects.  We base our opinions on anything and everything by how it feels.  Is it smooth, rough, hard, soft? The concept of us being able to judge something just by touch helps define us.  Whether something is pleasurable or painful, it is all based on this sense.  It allows us to put ourselves in a time and place without having to actually see where we are creates this sense of memory that no other feeling is capable of. We can understand our surroundings by how they make us feel and how we are able to interact with them.  This idea of interaction is something that includes all humans.  If a person were to say be blind, they would not be able to physically see anything, but by touch they could create an image mentally.  The idea of touch qualities not only plays a major role in everyday life, but also in the art world.  Viewers base their judgment on the tangible aspects of the piece and not just what it looks like.  Touch allows people to feel and notice the flaws or beauties within an artwork that no other sense is capable of.


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