Web of Possibilities: The Final

The main idea from my selected reading was the concept of time having multiple dimensions and how a person is presented with one obstacle but can go down completely different paths depending on how they react.  One decision will shape their life in a specific way but then lead them to a variety of other options.  The possibilities are endless and one cannot predict what their existence will consist of.  While reading this excerpt, the thought of a web instantly appeared in my mind.  It’s interconnectedness and ability to branch off and go in completely different directions was precisely my understanding of Einstein’s Dream.  When creating my piece, I began by using the thicker wire to make a ring as my center focus to depict a person.  From there, I used a combination of the thicker wire wrapped with thinner wire to branch off of the “person” to show their major decisions during their time.  From there, I continued the web like design with the thinner wire extending from each decision to exemplify my idea of how each major result proposes even more choices and paths, all taking the person to opposing places in life.  All together the web creates an endless effect representing life’s infinite opportunities and maintains a 3d quality that encloses the person within their lifetime.

Alternate View





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